Northern Divine Aquafarms is a leading land based fish farm. We raise Coho Salmon and White Sturgeon. Our team is dedicated to a healthy work environment for our staff and fish. We're always seeking motivated, capable and positive individuals to join us on our journey of excellence. 

If you're an organized and driven individual, have experience in the field of aquaculture or a student whom would like to intern, reach out to our office. We have positions open for the following:


Aquaculture Technician or Intern
The Aquaculture Technician will demonstrate a passion for fish husbandry, a good work ethic, attention to detail and have good record keeping skills ensuring the success of the department. 

Essential Functions

  • Perform daily duties or chores and husbandry activities including:
  • Feeding, mortality removal, screen scrubbing, etc. (see list)
  • Apply thorough record keeping skills. 
  • Monitor fish behavior and bring any abnormalities to supervisor attention.
  • Perform routine maintenance on systems and equipment. Perform routine cleaning as necessary on a regular basis in addition to the daily chore list. 
  • Duties include swirl separator scrubbing (3 x week), dip net repair, cover repairs, etc. (Communication with supervisor is essential.)
  • Follow feed charts according to plan. Monitor and report feed inventory.
  • Organize and maintain hatchery tools, equipment and grounds; identify safety hazards and recommend remedies and/or take appropriate action.
  • Assist with fish transfers.
  • Assist with brood stock sorting and spawning according to protocols. Keep up to date with changing protocols as improvements are made and make suggestions for improvements. 


QMP Assistant Processing & Harvest
Must be familiar with all as-pects of HAACP. 

Essential Functions

  • Coordinate routines with all departments, ensuring all are completed.
  • Coordinate programs to assure the company complies and maintains programs which includes preparing and communicating audit plans.
  • Assist audits through the evaluation of operations/processes, the review of documents and records, and interviews of employees for compliance.
  • Communicate and educate all departments. 
  • Routinely assists with traceability audits.
  • Responsible to respond to all CFIA's if deficiencies are noted on any audits.
  • Assist with creation and maintain Product Information Sheets for all finished items.
  • Develop proficiency in quality assurance audits and become knowledgeable of HACCP.
  • Ability to write and train on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Q.A., Technicians, Production Operations and ensure SOPs are followed.
  • Track implementation of corrective actions and verify actions for effectiveness.
  • Support management on tracking audit activities and administration of audit schedule.
  • Support external audits including interfacing with regulatory agencies and registrars if necessary.
  • Identify discrepancies, risks, and other problems, then reports findings to QA Management; recommends appropriate corrective measures.
  • Promote and educate benefits of adopted control measures; encourage responsible parties to adopt changes necessary to correct problems and noncompliance.
  • Support projects and initiatives to achieve Quality Systems objectives and any other regulatory objectives.
  • Support certifications that are customer driven.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.



The Process

We raise our Sturgeon for almost a decade. Maintaining the most pristine environment and dedicated oversight, after many dedicated years of love and care, we are able to produce the highest quality Caviar without equal. We feed our fish a high protein and nutritious diet with all natural ingredients. We don't use any antibiotics or hormones. The water quality of our Sunshine Coast Farm is award winning and ensures our fish thrive and provide a clean flavor. When you taste our Caviar, you will surely notice the difference.
Northern Divine Caviar Northern Divine Juvenile Sturgeon