Northern Divine Coho Salmon Caviar - 8oz (Tub)

Regular price $100.00 CAD

Product of Canada

Ingredients: Fish Roe & Salt

Sustainably Farmed

Zero Hormones or Antibiotics

Artisan Handcrafted


Land Based Farm Coho Salmon Caviar. Produced by Northern Divine Aquafarms. Our Salmon Caviar is made in the traditional method with very little salt, resulting a smooth taste and succulent pearl. 

Salmon Caviar is extremely healthy. The genuine “Red Caviar” also called Ikura, Ketta and Chum, our farmed Salmon Caviar is a remarkable Caviar that is rich in flavor and in nutrients. Our Northern Divine Salmon Caviar is produced fresh and processed in British Columbia Canada with traditional Methods to ensure unmatchable quality. We only maintain a selection of Grade A Salmon Caviar to offer to our culinary professionals. The characteristics of this Caviar is a very large pearl that bursts in flavor of a fresh Salmon in the ocean with a subtle hint of sea salt.

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