Northern Divine White Sturgeon Caviar - 1kg (Tin)

Regular price $5,000.00 CAD

Product of Canada

Ingredients: Fish Roe & Salt

Sustainably Farmed

Zero Hormones or Antibiotics

Artisan Handcrafted


The highest quality Caviar in the world. Dark pearls, smooth nutty flavor with a hint of sea salt and the ocean. Our Caviar is unmatchable in many aspects. Raised in the pristine waters of British Columbia, Northern Divine is a name known amongst the most demanding chefs and culinary enthusiast worldwide. 

Our Caviar is produced from 100% pure bred Fraser River White Sturgeon. All sustainably raised in our fully integrated land based aquafarm. We are an "Egg to Egg' producer of Caviar. Our Caviar meets the highest hygiene and ethical standards in the world and we are pleased to offer this artisanal product to our cherished clientele. 

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